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  • L6608
    COLLECTION 90086691

    Leather sole with a combination heel. Size UK. Goodblake welting.

    Raw material: Young bull leather.

    Chrome tanning

    Key features: Semi-glossy look. It stands out particularly for its naturalness and transparency that reveals the natural characteristics of the skin, which is achieved thanks to the quality of the materials and the low chemical treatment it receives. Very common in dress and business shoes.

    Leather cleaning and care:

    • Clean the surface with a dry cotton cloth.
    • Use our small brush to clean the areas that the cloth cannot reach.
    • Apply our Lottusse moisturising cream in circles with a cotton cloth.
    • Leave to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes.
    • Brush the surface to remove any excess cream and polish.

    Additional Information:
    Prolonged exposure of the leather to direct sunlight can cause some degree discolouration.

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